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Parpan, GR

Elevate your Energy

1. - 3. September 2023

Was Dich erwartet.

Retreat Highlights

- Yoga

- Intuitive movements

- Ecstatic Dance

- Deep Meditations

- Mantra Sound Healing

- 2 nights at BESTZEIT Hotel

Did you ever felt that tou where lacking some clarity? Or that you don't allow yourself to manifest your true genius part of yourself? This retreat is an opportunity for you to experiment powerfull phyisical pratice, deep meditations and free dance flow to elevate your vibration. Those practices will give you the tools to live your live more fully, allowing you to act more intuitively, to feel free and to keep a sustainable state of joyfullness. This retreat is perfect if you wish to go deeper in meditation and broader your pratice. We will enjoy a three days immersion while having fun in Bestzeit Hotel located in Parpan, GR. This site is a perfect area to let your physical body relax and your mind get clearer and wonder in the beautiful nature contemplation. Along with delicious vegetarian food to get more vitality and feel good in your body and mind.

Sprache: English

Dein Host

Health is more than the absence of disease; it is a resource that allows people to realize their aspirations, satisfy their needs and to cope with the environment in order to live a long, productive, and fruitful life. And health is also our capacity to connect with others, contribute positivly and perform meaningfull occupations. Veronique is firsly occupational therapist who broaden her expertise with a 500h teacher yoga training and traved a lot around the world. Passionate about yoga, wisdom, holstic health, mantra singing, ecstatic dance, running and climbing, deep connection to the nature world and the child developpment, her role is to bring more awerness and compassion while facilitating empowerment among adults and children. In her yoga classes she focuses mainly on the needs of her students while giving them the right challenge to make them move kindly out of their confort zone. This to allow compassion, strength, authenticity, joy and creativity to rise and to let the mind to relax and be guided by the heart.

Die Location

The BESTZEIT Hotel is located at an altitude of 1,500 metres in Lenzerheide holiday region, in Graubunden. It's a place designed for relaxing, while staying active in this beautiful region that appeal your heart and body. It's a perfect place to take distance from the grind of everyday life, with friends or in the company of like-minded individuals. For sure, it's a place for enjoying life as it is.


Give you the permission to be free, joyfull and intuitive.




17h30-19h00 Welcoming circle and opening practice.

19h30-21h00 Dinner and free time

21h00-21h30: SET YOUR FREE Mediation practice and intuitive movements.


08h00-09h00: Physical practice and short meditation. 09h00-10h00 Breakfast

10h00-13h00 Enjoy your free time in the beautiful nature.

13h00-14h00 Lunch

14h:00-18h00 Enjoy your time in the mountain, hiking, sauna, optional classes, relaxing

18h30-20h00 ELEVATE YOUR ENERGY> Yoga practice *physical practice, breath work, meditation and ecstatic dance.

20h00-21h00: Dinner


08h30-09h30: BE INTUITITVE> Physical practice, meditation and dance journey

09h30-10h30 Breakfast

10h30-11h00 Closing journey and check out.


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